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Chatham County Homeless Statistics

For the second consecutive year in Chatham County, the number of persons identified as homeless has increased. The 2016 count reveals 4,513 homeless persons (up from 4,224 persons last year). The annual count reveals one person receiving one service and is unduplicated (meaning if that same person receives another service s/he in not counted again). Note that the count does not include the 783 students identified as homeless by our Chatham County public school system. Homeless veterans have increased to 286 (up from 237 last year). We do show a reduction in chronic homeless persons to 585 (from 738 last year).

CSAH staff report a variety of reasons for the increase:

Persons counted as homeless in Chatham County for the period of 2007 to 2016 indicate only one year of a drop below 4,000 (2014 at 3997). The high was 2009 at 5541.

There is a pressing need for a County Wide Master Plan to increase affordable housing and re-align services. Questions about these numbers or related questions can be directed to Cindy Kelley at 912.644.7945 or ckelley@homelessauthority.org.

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