About Homelessness

What is Homelessness?

Educating yourself about homelessness can help you understand the key issues that can cause homelessness and how you can help reduce it. In Georgia, a person is considered homeless if they do not have access to traditional or permanent housing that is safe, sanitary, decent, and affordable. Individuals and families who are living on the streets or in homeless camps, shelters, motels, or their vehicles are all considered homeless.

Homelessness in Savannah-Chatham County – by the Numbers

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Experiencing Homelessness

The number of persons experiencing homelessness identified in Chatham County during the 2023 point-in-time count.

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Using Resources

The number of homeless individuals (unduplicated) served by the Continuum of Care partners in 2022.

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Homeless Veterans

The number of homeless veterans living in Chatham County.

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Persons in unregulated areas

The persons living in places not meant for human habitation within Chatham County.

Ways We Are Helping – by the Numbers


Served by CoC / ICH Partners

Number of individuals served by Continuum of Care/Interagency Council on Homelessness Partners

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Medically Fragile Emergency Shelter

People provided with Emergency shelter for medically fragile homeless (hotel/motel stays)

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Using Transportation Resources

Homeless Transportation services provided

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Bus Tickets Purchased

Bus tickets provided for Homeless to go to stable housing with family and/or friends

Reaching “Functional Zero” In Chatham County

CSAH is working to achieve “functional zero” as a community in regard to homelessness. Functional Zero is the milestone where communities have proven that they have measurably and equitably ended homelessness for a population. Our collective impact and ICH strategic plan to reduce the number of people experiencing homelessness have created renewed hope and synergy in addressing the challenges of homelessness throughout Chatham Savannah. Working in collaboration with critical community partners, CSAH is advancing its mission leading the development of sustainable community practices to reduce homelessness.

Causes of Homelessness

There are many reasons a person or family may experience homelessness, including low-wage jobs, high housing costs, job loss, domestic violence, physical or mental disabilities, substance abuse, death of a family member, family break-up, or catastrophic illness.